Error 0x8004010F or 0x80004005 Outlook Autodiscover


After a migration from Exchange Server to Exchange Online, I was called to remedy a suppose issue related to Outlook connection. The Outlook was installed in a TS that wasn’t in our company, but in another company that supplied our application. Because this application depends on Outlook, it was installed on their server and connected to our Exchange. After the mailbox migration which the application used, Outlook no longer connected. The interesting thing was that by setting the Outlook manually, the connection happened successfully. However, using Autodiscover to setup the Outlook it doesn’t work. Doing an Autodiscover test with the Outlook in-built tool I got error code 0x8004010F.


I found the following Microsoft article that reported this issue regarding the code 0x80004005 for Outlook 2013 and 0x8004010F for Outlook 2010. I checked the path in the regedit that Microsoft mentioned. However, there was nothing, but when looking directly at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\x.0\Outlook\AutoDiscover I could find some strange keys

0x80004005 0x8004010F

I don’t know why, there were these keys. In fact, the ExcludeScpLookup key doesn’t matter because the server wasn’t in the same AD domain, but the other keys were blocking Autodiscover search.

After removing those keys, I restarted the Outlook and the problem has been solved.

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