EMC NetWorker Exchange 2016 backup issue


Running the Exchange Server 2016 backup with the EMC NetWorker, I got the following log:

0 1508826990 1 0 0 16452 29960 0 server1 nsrnmmsv NSR notice 116 Exchange federated .. An initial evaluation of listed database save set is being performed. This may take some time. 0

128686 1508826992 0 0 0 16452 29960 0 server1 nsrnmmsv NSR info 83 Exchange federated ..  Databases in DAG have been evaluated for backup..continuing. 0

Starting ‘secondary’ backup job on host : server1.

jobhandler(306): Created Job ID: 7014135          Save command: nsrnmmsv.exe -s bck -g BACKUP_ONESHOOT -m dag -b bkp -l full -Z dag -A *NSR_BACKUP_GENERATIONID=1508826987 -A NSR_APP_TYPE= -A NSR_ESE_CC_METHOD=DB_AND_LOGS -A NSR_ESE_UTIL_SEQUENTIAL=True -A NSR_ESE_UTIL_THROTTLE=False -A NSR_EXCH_CHECK=yes -A NSR_EXCH_DAG=2IRGDAG -A NSR_EXCH_INCL_SA=TRUE -A NSR_FEDERATED_BACKUP=yes -A NSR_FED_SECONDARY=yes -A NSR_SINGLE_SNAPSHOT=No -A NSR_SNAP_TYPE=VSS -a DIRECT_ACCESS=Yes -c server1 “APPLICATIONS:\\Microsoft Exchange 2016\\Databa

Secondary backup with job id (7014135) failed on host ‘server1’

Stopping Federated backup – one of the ‘secondary’ backup failed

28920 1508827550 0 0 0 4020 29960 0 server1 nsrnmmsv NSR info 36 This program has been asked to exit. 0

75640 1508827550 0 0 0 4020 29960 0 server2 nsrnmmsv NSR info 68 Performing orderly shutdown of the backup environment.Please wait… 0

— Job Indications —

Termination request was sent to job 7014133 as requested; Reason given: Aborted

dag-bck:APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2016\Database04 aborted.


After some research I realize that the EMC NetWorker doesn’t support yet filesystem in ReFS format, only NTFS. Therefore, the filesystem format was the root cause.


In order to fix it, I performed the removal of all databases that had already been created and the DAG. I formatted the volumes in NTFS, and finally I created a new DAG and re-created the databases.

Note: If you don’t want to re-create DAG, be sure to change the “FileSystem” parameter that must be manually changed to NTFS.

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